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These programs are designed for children between the ages of 0 - 18 whose parent(s) are incarcerated, deceased, or underserved.  We focus on providing those children’s physical needs in order to relieve the financial strain on their caregivers, while creating positive childhood memories in the absence of their parent(s).  We created each program to include activities that leave smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.  

Santa and Boy

Angel Tree Christmas

  • Provide:

    • Gifts on behalf of their incarcerated parent(s)

    • Gift in loving memory of deceased parent(s)

    • Memorial Gifts

    • Food baskets for food insecure children

    • Winter clothes

    • Educational literature

Birthday Girl

Birthday Celebration

  • Host quarterly birthday celebration

  • Provide:

    • Gifts on behalf of their incarcerated parent(s)

    • Gifts in loving memory of deceased parent(s)

Ready for School

Angel Tree Back to School

  • Provide:

    • New School Clothes

    • New Underware & Socks

    • New Shoes

    • School Supplies

    • Backpacks

  • End of summer celebration

  • Antibullying campaign

  • Educate caregivers and children on current news, events, and topics that impact them

After school program

  • Serving children belonging to a household with an annual income of $25,000 (based on a family of 4) or less.

  •  STEM equity program that serves a maximum of 16 children per session.

  • Summer STREAM Camp  (Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Math) 

Children Studying Alphabet

Disaster Care

  • To restore a sense of normalcy to children.

  • Provide: 

    • Food, Snacks, and Water

    • Personal Hygiene Items

    • Toys

    • Clothing

    • Family Bags (Toilet paper, Papertowels Ect)

Kids' Paintings

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

  • Send greeting cards to children to remind them during this difficult time that we remember mom or dad.

  • Provide greeting cards to children that they can present to their Caregivers.

  • Teach them Thankfulness

Girl and stuffed animal
Girl and stuffed animal

Memorial Gifts 

(When Mom or Dad Dies)

  • Large loving bear for comfort

  • Designed to comfort children who have lost their parent. This would be a tangible item to help them remember their loved one.

  • A note is attached to each bear that states, “Hug Me When You Miss Mom or Dad"

  • Book on Grief 

childrens books

Book Club

  • Books are provided to children in order to attend the book club.  This program allows children to meet with in a small group setting once a month to discuss the selected reading.  The reading selection is updated bi-monthly.  The books selected are focused on handling grief and being hopeful.

Classmates in Library

Community Education Outreach 

  • Educate the public on issues grieving children face by providing literature in the form of DVDs, Flyers, Pamphlets, Candid Conversation  and booklets. 

  • Raise Awareness:

    • Community Health Fairs

    • Community events for children

Family Video Call

Family  Enrichment/Family Night Out

  • Connect families to cultural experiences that can spark an interest, ignite a passion, and expose a wider view to future paths. 

  • Equitable access to cultural enrichment events. 

  • Mentoring 

  • Increase Social Skills 

Girl Coloring

Virtual Letter Writing

  • Writing letters are often a great form of communication with incarcerated parents.  It improves the communication between children and their parent as it allows them to think of what they want to say to each other.

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

New Community Give Back Program

  • Various Goods to Individuals 

  • Various Goods to Nonprofit

  • Referrals from other agencies

  • Limited Supplies

  • Adults & Children Items

  • Inkind Corporate Sponsor

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