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Augusta Simon Sr. 

We honor the memory of Augusta Simon Sr. for his constant love and generosity toward children. His last act of kindness happened Christmas Day 2011 before he passed, he saw a little boy crying because, he wanted a bike. 

Augusta put a big smile on the child's face by granting his Christmas wish. He immediately provided money for him a bike. 

Inspired by his act of kindness, our founder, his sister started  collecting bikes to honor his memory and continue his legacy of generosity. She was already providing Christmas gifts for children whose parents were incarcerated. 

The spirit of generosity was handed down to them from their father and mother.  Gus Simon Sr. is well known for his generosity to many.  If he heard there was a need in his family, friends and even strangers, he was going to meet it. He often gave away more than he kept. 


Linda Simon is known for her generosity to Senior Citizens. She would sit with them for free years before starting her own caregiver company.

Linda became a single mother and she often didn't have much but, she gave her last to a friend, neighbor or family in need.   

We their children learn generosity right at home. We often would give away food when mom was at work because we saw her do it. We didn't know we didn't have much because, our parents gave so much. 

We are keeping this legacy alive by helping hurting children, not just during Christmas, but all year round.


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